Iran Mahand

Company IranMahand, 25 years of activity in non-metallic minerals industry, especially health Vchyny ceramic tile industry managed to produce the required machinery to produce quality products has been internal. Meanwhile, ever since 1363 in various industries in its specialty, a total of more than 200 types of devices with its own variety of editing and designing, production and installation has. Also, in order to enhance the efficiency of non-metallic minerals production always try to give quality products and their production machinery and had to rely on the standard rules and guidelines, including ISO 9001 guidelines in this matter is tried. Customer satisfaction and customer numbers rising rapidly Witness the Adast company. At present most ceramic tile factories Vjm Azkarkhanjat large amount of our health care among the Chinese and Iranian clients also are Mhnd. Ceramic tile industry in diversity of products such Mhnd that these companies now relying on its products only able to produce all the equipment manufacturing and installation of a modern factory is the exception Press Mhnd companies in the field of production and supply of spare parts line and machinery as well as their variety is Drmhsvlat. so that nearly 850 types of spare parts for glazes and machinery lines, including machinery manufacturing companies or their foreign machinery has been designed and produced. Consulting, design, supply and installation of experts Azdygry activities is Mhnd. Skilled and experienced professionals having, the company expanded its services to national and international level in these areas is.
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Iran Mahand

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Office & Factory: Industrial Estate Mashhad, Kalat Road, Mashhad, Iran


Mar 21, 1984